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Full Stack Developer

Hire Odoo experts who have expertise in the backend, frontend, website, themes, servers config & more.


Backend Developer

Hire an Odoo backend developer to customize Odoo apps or create new apps from scratch.


Javascript Expert

Hire an Odoo JS expert to develop or customize web views, dashboards, fields, widgets, & more.


DevOps/Server Expert

Hire an Odoo server expert to deploy and manage your Odoo instances on the cloud or Odoo.SH.

Why Choose US?

We have a proven track record with different services.



Our team possesses extensive knowledge & expertise in Odoo ERP, ensuring a seamless implementation that aligns with your unique business requirements.



We go beyond the out-of-the-box solutions, providing customized configurations, module development, & workflows that adapt to your specific business needs.


Integration Mastery

Seamless connect Odoo ERP with other systems, such as CRM, e-commerce, accounting, & more, to streamline operations & enable efficient data exchange.


User-Centric Approach

We prioritize user experiences, developing intuitive interfaces, simplified workflows, & providing comprehensive training to ensure successful user adoption.


Ongoing Support

Our commitment extends beyond implementation, with continuous support, maintenance, & updates to keep your Odoo ERP system running smoothly.


Proven Success

We have a track record of delivering successful Odoo ERP projects across diverse industries, optimizing processes & driving tangible business results.

“Techkhedut has not only elevated our website but transformed our entire digital presence. As a start-up in the e-commerce furniture sector, we approached them with a vision, and they sculpted it into a reality, aligning our webshop with our ambitions.
Previously, we were grappling with our website's front-end in Odoo - it wasn't aligning with our design expectations, and no developer seemed to have the right solution. However, TechKhedut turned the tide for us. They embraced our project and meticulously crafted our website, right up to its successful live version.
They are the vanguard of the latest knowledge and tools in Odoo website and ERP creation, making them an indispensable IT ally. I wholeheartedly recommend Techkhedut for their unwavering commitment and expertise. Our gratitude is boundless.”


Brussels, Belgium

“I am delighted to share my experience working with Mr. Kaushik (Team TechKhedut) - our talented Odoo developers - and his team. their expertise and dedication have truly impressed us. From the moment we engaged their services, they demonstrated a deep understanding of the Odoo platform. Their ability to grasp our business requirements and translate them into efficient solutions has been exceptional.
Throughout the development process, Mr. Kaushik and his team showed us a high level of professionalism and responsiveness. They were always prompt in addressing our concerns and providing regular updates. Their technical proficiency and attention to detail have been instrumental in delivering outstanding results. Our Odoo system now runs seamlessly, streamlining our business processes and enhancing our overall efficiency.
I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking a reliable and skilled professional. Their commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction is commendable, making them a valuable asset to any organization.”

Mr. Barsoum

Ismailia, Egypt

“Very satisfied with the work of Kaushik (Team TechKhedut). He's a very skilled Odoo developer (among the top 5 ones we hired in the last 5 years) He's available, honest and has good communication skills. We will definitely continue to work with him.
Kaushik is an exceptional developer who demonstrated a deep understanding and remarkable proficiency in working with the Odoo platform. Throughout the project, he showcased outstanding problem-solving skills by successfully tackling complex challenges and delivering effective and prompt solutions. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of a skilled Odoo developer.”

Marc S.

Luxembourg, Europe

“It's been a pleasure working with Team TechKhedut. They have proved to be very skillful Odoo developers and professionals in their work. They consistently delivered work on time and with good active communication and updates on project. I would highly recommend their work and look forward to working with them on future projects.”

Evan Paul

United States

“Team TechKhedut are first-class professional team, They adhere to deadlines and are dedicated, fair, and honest. I've been working with them for months, and immediately opened another contract with them!”

Assad Riaz

California, United States

TechKhedut Inc.

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