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Most efficient way of managing your property for Rent & Sale.

Requirements of modern solutions in Real Estate

Real Estate Management ERP

For a sound investment in real estate is always extremely popular among the people. If you want to grow your real estate business, you should switch to a Real Estate/Property Management System from a legacy way of managing work.

Owning real estate is undoubtedly a means of obtaining a consistent source of income. But it is also not exactly same as a walk in the park or places.
You must need to be modernized with new edge of technology and the real estate market will give you opportunities to growth of your business.

By automating and optimizing these processes, the Property Management significantly enhances overall efficiency, reduces errors, and provides real-time visibility into the status of your business.

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    2nd January 2024

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Real Estate: Why switch from legacy to modern system ?

Real Estate ERP Solutions

A. Improved Efficiency and Productivity

Multiple manual tasks can be automated by our real estate management systems.

  • Manage crucial information about properties
  • Handle Tenant's
  • Marketing
  • Leads Management
  • Property Listings

This results in reducing the time and effort required for routine tasks, allowing the team to focus on more strategic activities.

B. Centralized Data Management:

Information can be stored and accessed centrally with a modern Real Estate ERP system that ensures:

  • All relevant data at your fingertips
  • Easily share property details with customers
  • For well-maintained expenses report
  • For tenant satisfaction report
  • Easiest way to get selling and buying statistics

This makes helpful in easy decision-making.

C. Scalability

After implementing Real Estate ERP Solutions your 90% works easier compare to your legacy system.

  • Easily adaptable by companies
  • Options of Multi Companies
  • Seamlessly accommodate with changes Ex: growing number of properties etc.
  • Inbuilt browser generate on fingertip.

With the changing number of business needs, our Real Estate solutions easily deals with changes, which has led to companies growing.

D. Integration Capabilities

  • Integration with Accounting, Sales, Purchase, Advertisement Portals, Email Marketing, & etc.
  • Seamless API Integration any other third party systems.
  • Email Notification, & Communication channel establishment.

This make business much easier to manage all the requirements under one roof.

E. Enhanced User Experience

Real estate agents can respond to client enquiries more quickly because of our automated ERP system for real estate which enhances the overall customer experience.

  • Quick notification of customers enquiries
  • Easy to response any enquiry
  • Tenant Sale & Rent Contract information on fingertip
  • Email Notification for Invoice due reminder

This transparency enhances communication and builds trust with customers, leading to improved customer satisfaction.

F. Analytics and Reporting

Stable reporting and analytics tools are available with Real Estate management systems.

  • Real estate marketers to gain insights into market trends.
  • It is also helpful for tracking various campaign performance.
  • Various reports related to Property Sales and Rent Contracts

These valuable insights enable businesses to identify trends, pinpoint bottlenecks, and discover opportunities for improvement in their operations, facilitating data-driven decision-making.

G. Cost Savings

Switching to digital with an ERP system helps in reducing a lot of costs.

  • Low cost to integration Real Estate ERP
  • Less number of man power required to manage properties
  • Early cost-cutting measures are made possible by accurate and real-time expense tracking, which assists in identifying expense movements.

H. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Our modern Real-Estate solutions integrated with CRM to take easily marketing followup. This can be benefits for

  • Real estate agents monitoring client interactions
  • Gaining a deeper understanding of their preferences
  • Adjusting their preferences as per their needs.
  • Conversion Leads to $$$$$ business.

As a result, Enhance communication within the sales team of real estate. Along with exchange of information between sales, marketing, and other departments for better teamwork.

I. Competitive Advantage

Using revolutionary web-based solution can offer advantages to real estate enterprises over competition in the market.

  • Low cost and affordable Real Estate Solutions
  • Capabilities to integrate all types of requirements
  • Customized Plans and Solutions bases on requirements
  • Large number of features at one place

The absence of these system can lead to serval Hurdles:

TMS Freight Brokerage ERP Software

Our R&D Team analyzed several facts about real estate companies facing problems without any proper real estate software solutions. The absence of these system can lead to serval Hurdles:

  • Mixed up of different data
  • Absence of Visual Reports and Analytics
  • Financial Management Challenges
  • Communication Confusion
  • Limited Accessibility
  • Maintenance Issues
  • Risks associated with compliance
  • Competition Challenge

Our Real Estate Application Overview:

Real Estate Property Sale and Rental Cloud based ERP

A. Simplified Financial Management

Our system offers a simplified financial management. It allows you to track:

  • Income and expenses of your business
  • Generate detailed financial reports
  • Easily monitor rent payments
  • Options of Payment: Full Payment, and EMIs
  • Options for generating a commission invoice bill
  • For Invoice management standard Invoicing app integration
  • Accounting can be easily managed with Invoices/Bills

B. Insightful Analytics with User-Friendly Interface

Stay ahead of the game with our system's insightful analytics dashboard.

  • Monitor property performance (Property Types, Property Status, & Properties Rented by Brokers)
  • Track generated leads
  • Identify trends to make informed decisions
  • Property statistics
  • Sales statics

The user-friendly interface ensures that even non-tech-savvy individuals can navigate and utilize the system effectively.

C. Effortless Property Listings and Management

Listing your properties and managing inquiries has never been easier. Our system enables you to

  • Create professional property listings
  • Highlight them to a wide audience
  • Seamlessly manage inquires
  • Schedule property viewings timing
  • Keep track of interested parties seamlessly

Seller can easily list property on market instead of having an old legacy method of advertising.

D. Simplified Tenant and Lease Management

Managing tenants and leases can be a stressful task, but not with our modern system.

  • You can easily track tenant information
  • Easily accessible lease agreements
  • Information about rent payments
  • Maintenance requests all in one place

Say goodbye to manual paperwork and hello to efficient tenant and lease management.

E. Property Management for Sellers and Buyers

Our Property Management System offers features perfect for the seller as well as buyers.

  • Sellers can track property enquiries
  • Seller can view buyer profiles
  • Manage the sales process effortlessly
  • Buyers can browse through listed properties
  • Submit enquiries to seller
  • Track their property search progress

F. Effective Communication and Customer Engagement

Our system facilitates seamless communication between all parties involved in the property sale and rental process.

  • You can send direct messages in communication channel
  • Schedule appointments with seller/buyer
  • Share important documents securely

Customer engagement is enhanced through automated notifications and personalized communication.

G. Mobile Accessibility for On-the-Go Professionals

In today's fast-paced world, professionals need access to property management tools on the go.

  • Our system is mobile-compatible.
  • Allowing you to manage your properties.
  • Communicate with stakeholders.
  • Stay updated wherever you are not present on site.

H. The Security Advantage

We understand the importance of data security in the real estate industry. Our system incorporates with

  • Security measures to protect your confidential information
  • It ensures peace of mind

How These Advanced Systems Help to Make the Process Easy?

Odoo Real Estate Application

This system was specially designed by TechKhedut Team to specially focus on to simply the complex process of property management. By utilizing features such as simplified financial management, insightful analytics, effortless property listings and management, simplified tenant and lease management, property management for sellers and buyers, effective communication and customer engagement, mobile accessibility for on-the-go professionals, and robust security measures, we make property management easy and efficient for all stakeholders.

Why Choosing Us Only?

Best Real Estate ERP Software
  1. Cloud-Based Solution
  2. Reliable Data Security
  3. User-Friendly Interface
  4. We Customize it according to your requirements & Integrate it
  5. Customer Support & Training


Our advanced Property Management System can change the Real-Estate industry. By utilizing its powerful features, real estate agents easily streamline their entire process with this advanced property management system. Say goodbye to legacy method of Paper works, inefficient communication, and scattered data. Embrace the future of property management with our advanced system and experience the difference it makes to your business.


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A software-based system can effectively manage financial records, prevent mistakes, keep exact records, help communication, and aid in making informed decisions about property finances.

Our moder system enhances communication between landowners, tenants, and property managers, reducing delays, confusion, and miscommunication, fostering mutual understanding and cooperation.

Cloud-based property management systems offer accessibility, remote maintenance, real-time information, and advanced features for efficient property management, making it easier to find quick solutions to issues and streamline maintenance of tasks.

These offer a practical guide to boost efficiency, covering everything from managing finances to listing properties effortlessly, streamlining daily operations and enhancing overall property management.

Switching to a professional real estate management system from a reliable developer can help property owners grow their business, streamline operations, and overcome various challenges that occurs without a modern system.

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